Best Video Apps for Windows Phone


1. GoPro

GoPro is a wearable camera, designed to help people shoot HD video from their point of view. GoPro is a rock-solid camera, lightweight and water resistant, which makes for a crowd favorite in extreme sports. GoPro has recently made its app to the Store officially. Use this app to remotely control, capture, and share your shot to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, through your Windows Phone.


2. Vyclone

Vyclone allows you to produce a video from multiple points of view. Use Vyclonetogether with your friends to shoot video from different positions at the same time. Upload the videos to Vyclone to put them together as a single video. You can still edit and remix the video, if the output still requires changes. Aside from Windows Phone, Vyclone is also available for iPhone and Android.

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3. Video Tuner

Video Tuner is a new app, released by Microsoft Mobile. It’s a powerful app, shipped with features comparable to a video-editing app for desktop. The app lets you crop, trim, flip, and even rotate videos. You can adjust the speed, volume or color. Note that it requires Windows Phone 8.1 to function.

4. Cinemagraph

Cinemagraph lets you make your photo come alive (here are 28 examples of cinemagraphs to give you a good idea of what it is). It works by capturing multiple photo frames and combining them with a smooth transition effect. On

5. Movie Maker

Movie Maker is a full-featured video-authoring app for Windows Phone. It ships with almost all the same features that are in the desktop counterpart. This app lets you combine video, insert audio and images, adjust the timeframe, add transition effects, and many more. The latest version adds the ability to upload your video to Instagram and YouTube.


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